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How to grill juicy steak using firewood?

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Get Your steak right.


Wood burning scent, fire cracking sound and the feel of nature around You, is all that is needed to relax and enjoy a perfectly grilled steak.

Quick checklist of what is needed:

  • Steak (the cut You prefer but would suggest to pick one with a bit of fat, as it gives extra juiciness and creates crunchy crust, we prefer a 28 day dry-aged),

  • Olive oil (or other vegetable oil),

  • Sea salt,

  • Freshly ground pepper,

  • Any other spices You prefer, such as: thyme, rosemary, chillies and other,

  • Few kiln dried logs,

  • Few kindling wood sticks,

  • Matches or lighters.

Let's get down to the process, firstly You should prepare your meat and after that the grill, open fire or other appliance that You plan to use.

Meat prep:

TIP 1: Never grill meat that has been just taken out of fridge or even more if from freezer.

TIP 2: Ideally allow the meat to reach room temperature, by taking the meat out of the fridge 30 min before grilling.

Step 1: Take the meat out of the fridge and placed on a plate, add generous of oil all over the meat (it will protect the meat from oxidation and will make the grilling process much more easier).

Step 2: Add sea salt (will intensify meats own flavours) and freshly ground pepper (for stronger taste).

Step 4: Once You have added oil, salt and pepper - give a light rub to the meat, to loosens its fibers and help the sea salt, fresh pepper and olive oil to combine.

Step 5: Cover the prepared meat with food film or similar and let it rest in room temperature for around 30 min (time depends on the size).


Process of wood grilled steak is not much different from a charcoal grilled, but the the taste difference is intense.

TIP 3: Every pro griller will master its ability to grill the steak in any readiness (medium-well, well done, rare etc,) - one of the main keys is to have different hot zones on Your grill: a hot zone and a medium-eat zone.

TIP 4: After grilling allow the steak to rest before cutting, that will ensure that all the juices remain in the meat.

TIP 5: When grilling use tongs, it will give you better grip (control, will not drop Your products) and it does not ruin the fibers both for meat and vegetables as fork or similar would.

Step 1: Prepare the place where You are planing to grill, check that there are no items, liquids that can be hazardous near fire. If You are building Your fire on ground be extra cautious: check for near tree branches, dry grass etc. Safety comes first.

Step 2: Before You put Your logs - place few pieces of kiln dried kindling wood in a pile, or alternatively pine/spruce cones or dry branches and start Your fire.

Step 3: Once the small fire has started - place the kiln dried logs in teepee shape. Let the wood burn for some 30-40 minutes. With a metal stick, shovel or other toll help the burning wood (once it is red) in to chunks and spread them in even layer.

Step 4: On top of the wood chunks place grill grate. Do not cook (and place) Your food directly on fire, as it will not cook and just will get burned.

Step 5: Place the prepared meat, vegetables or fish on the grill. Remember the smoke will give delicious taste.

Step 6: Take Your time when cooking. Try not to rotated Your food more than 1-2 times and cook each side for the same time.

Step 7: Once cooked remember to rest Your meat before cutting.

Step 8: ENJOY!

Why You should use kiln dried logs?

Always use kiln dried logs as they are the best value for You money, giving much more heat than

a seasoned or fresh logs, creates less smoke and is safer for the environment (due to reduced CO2 emissions) and Yourself as kiln dried logs split less.


Thank You for reading!

Looking for more advise?

Do not hesitate to contact us with any question.


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