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Kiln Dried Hardwood Facts from producer


Want to understand - why kiln dried firewood is better? Read the quick facts below.

  1. Kiln drying involves a kiln chamber with heat exchangers throwing hot air in and around the wood inside for a certain amount of hours.

  2. The kilns that we use are powered by wood boilers using wood waste.

  3. The most optimal moisture content for fire wood is between 10-25%. If wood is 30% moisture or above then it can cause a build up in your chimney and the heating qualities will less than optimal.

  4. Kiln drying allows that all wood stacked can be dried to the perfect moisture levels for optimal burning results.

  5. Kiln drying times often depend on the species and density of the woods, so we try where possible to keep our species separate when kiln drying.


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