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How To Store Firewood?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It is important to buy and use firewood logs that are kiln dried, however in order to retain its quality it is important to store them in appropriate conditions.

Below RaWood provides a list of do's and don'ts when storing kiln dried firewood.





1. Store logs on ground

By keeping firewood logs off ground it ensures that they do not sit on puddle, wet ground or similar. As even though logs have been kiln dried, they can still take moisture back if they are stored incorrectly.

2. No cover from direct rain

It might seem easy just to place logs outside without any cover from top, but it is not a good idea, as it increases the chance for dry and ready to use logs to take back moisture.

Wet logs (moisture above 20%) are less efficient heat source, has greater emissions and are harder to light. Also, they can get moldy.

3. Limited air circulation

Having ready tight arrangement of logs and a strong plastic wrap (or similar) restricts air flow. Air flow is needed to ensure that no condensate, mold or similar occurs.


1. Protect logs from beneath

Place a pallet or something similar between logs and ground, so there is no direct contact.

2. Cover from above

All kiln dried logs or similar wood fuel should be protected from direct contact of rain, snow or similar.

Option No. 1: keep logs under roof or in sheds or similar. (Looking for shed - we have it).

Option No. 2: place a plastic hood on top of logs so that rain or snow does not have a direct contact.

3. Allow air circulation

Keep logs stacked in a pattern, do not just create one big pile or place logs so close to each other that there is not gap between them.

Following the short guid above will help firewood to remain in its best condition, so You get the most of each log.


Thank You for reading!

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